25 June 2009

Michael Jackson, R.I.P.

I'm definitely taking Michael Jackson's passing to heart. There is this impulse I think many are feeling to instantly to reflect back all of the negativity that has submerged his public perception for many years - or use this unfortunate event as a chance to bust out all the jacko jokes that were collecting dust on the shelf. And I will not make the argument that he hasn't played a leading role in much of the static he has attracted. No doubt. But I think most can agree that he was a tortured genius who gave all of himself to the music, broke new ground in everything he attempted, and uplifted, inspired, and blended countless art forms and cultures in the process. He wasn't the first brilliant mind to be a nutcase, he won't be the last - most creative geniuses teeter(ed) on the edge of insanity to some degree or another (not making excuses, just sayin'). For those truly inspired by any part of his vast catalog, we owe him a lot. His work is woven deep throughout my formative years. His classics can still light up a party today.

Now that he's passed on, I feel the need to separate and preserve my adoration of his creativity, dedication, and contribution - keeping those memories free and clear from any twisted scandal or otherwise bizarre behavior/appearance that has entertained us (in our own perverted way) and kept countless tabloids ("junk food" as I heard Michael say once in an interview) highly profitable. He's paid the price in many ways, one could definitely argue, and a lot about human beings can be learned from the peeks and valleys of his story. On a day like today, though, I can only dwell on the positive... so much positive. Much love, MJ. Your career will be celebrated for generations.

Quick back track.. As I was leaving the gym this afternoon, CNN had JUST reported that MJ was rushed to a hospital. At that moment, this song started bumpin' loud in my head. By the time I got home, showered, and flipped on NY1, he was dead.


Okay. Sorry to get heavy and off topic. Back to ME! God, blogging makes me feel like such a tool sometimes. :/

Painted a little this week, nothing major. Couldn't leave that ugly "Active Intellect 2" (from a couple posts back) alone. I think it's finally on its way to turning out halfway decent. Vegas nightclub scene, en route.

23 June 2009


So I've decided this blog is a safe space to expose my other creative interests besides painting... As a result...

I'm proud to leak my first ever recorded DJ mix on wax! Amateur night never sounded so good! Download the mp3 for free below, or just stream it from this page. It's a 48 minute continuous mix of all sorts of rare and classic gems to wag your ass to... hip-hop, house, jazz, and countless rhythms in between. Not to mention a killer closing track so be sure to hear it all the way through...

"Twelve (Live and Dusty from Woodpoint Road, Vol. 1)"

Recorded live from two turntables and a pile of records. No editing, no effects, no Serato, just live and dusty from my humble abode.

(Download Quicktime)

- - -


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PC: right click link, select "save link as"

21 June 2009

Gettin' Up

Thought I'd get more done this weekend, but summer fun took some degree of priority. Business-wise, I've begun to plan the next griotapparel.com and been researching gallery opportunity in a couple choice US cities away from the northeast. Regarding paint, canvas, and such, here's where I've left off. I'll get some momentum on it this week.

14 June 2009

"If there was a better way to go, then it would find me"

("extraordinary machine" by fiona apple)

So lately I haven't been painting with the frequency or intensity that I'd wish. Been overwhelmed with stressful uncertainly regarding grad school and life generally. Nothing new I suppose. BUT once I gave up on receiving a much needed break from the universe, I finally got one. I've been accepted in Brooklyn College's MFA program for the fall and I couldn't be more relieved or satisfied. Just in time.

At any rate, that was my excuse. Although it seems as though the usual me would have been out drinking and carrying on all saturday night celebrating the good news, I decided to lay low and push through the last few experiments I had in progress. I'll be in NYC all summer now (original plan was to live/study in Philly for the summer), the party's just beginning. Besides, I can make average pretentious abstract art as good as anyone out there. :) Here's where things were beginning of the night. Everything's acrylic except for the Obama, which is acrylic and oil.

Can't decide if any of these are "good" or will feel good in the retinas of anyone but me, but I'm glad I did it, even if it misses the mark. Still messing around a bit with the folklore symbols, exhausting some possibilities. Kinda nice to just get loose without much heavy intent, no stress. My favorite might be the cards, though the photo doesn't serve it proper. I'll post nice scans of the good ones next post.

"No Face Cards" - Acrylic and Playing Cards on Canvas

"Active Intellect 1" - Acrylic on Canvas

"Active Intellect 2" - Acrylic on Canvas

"Oil" - Acrylic on Canvas

Also have a representational piece en route. More progress coming soon.

13 June 2009

Brooklyn Review, vol. 26, Release Party

For those in BK and who have an appetite for literary art as well as visual art, come through to Freddy's Bar and Backroom this Sunday. Published by Brooklyn College's English dept, the Brooklyn Review is an annual book of poetry, fiction, plays, and visual art. One of my paintings was selected and included in this year's edition. Release party will feature live music, selected readings from some contributors - but best of all, all in attendance receive a FREE copy! All are welcome!

Brooklyn Review (vol. 26) - Release Party
Freddy's Bar and Backroom
485 Dean Street, Brooklyn, New York
Sunday, June 14, 2009