09 February 2010

first swing at video art

it's amateur night ya'll.. a vito acconci project leads to my first art videos.. weeee!!

(music: "Lies & Alibis" from Nathaniel Merriweather presents Music to Make Love to your Old Lady By")

06 February 2010

"i've had to rely at times on silence and on talking quick, defending myself with nothing but my walking stick.."

("untitled" by buck 65)

i swear, i'm not trying to sound so pretentious with these quoted blog titles, it's just some lyrics that were in my head today..

05 February 2010

From Uptown Reading & Downtown Brooklyn @ Sisters' Gallery

Quick heads up on a show I'm doing with my cousin Sybil Roe Thompson (aka Violet), launching the 2010 (re)opening of Sisters' Gallery. An opening in Pennsylvania, in fact, I will attend - Sunday, April 25th, 1-5pm.

Visit sistersgallery-stoudtburg.com or become of fan of Sisters' Gallery on Facebook for more info.