26 September 2009

since we last spoke..

true indeed, the less i interact with people on the day to day, the more often i update this blog.. so it goes, various biz in the works..

21 September 2009

"irrational affection and memory"

Gettin' it in, left and right, up and down..

First Vegas painting complete:

The 56x40" Vegas jawnt in prog:

Right palm drawing complete:

And another attempt at the horny face(s) piece from before:

17 September 2009

the art of walking

slowly picking up some momentum.. and life is good.

first vegas club painting ALMOST finished:

another vegas club scene en route:

for my collaborative strategies class, my project partner filmed me painting. here's my test run prior to filming:

and the actual piece he recorded me painting:

and here's a little something i tapped out quick today. i used to do all these weird simple drawings that kinda look like a face, or two faces, or stick figures having sex - or all of the above. i might revisit this and similar ideas more in an updated approach, just for shits and giggles..

08 September 2009

"the need to have affection accepted is greater than the need to receive affection"

(paraphrased lecture quote from my art history prof, Archie Rand)

In the past week I have moved to a new apartment/neighborhood and begun my full-time MFA program at Brooklyn College. It's been HEAVY, without a doubt, but things are great. Fresh as can be. I am also now settled into my new painting studio on the Brooklyn College campus. At the conclusion of the first week of classes, i finally began to push paint.

continuing unfinished pieces from the woodpoint and peoria studios:

and some homework:

Plenty more to follow...