14 March 2013

"if the papes come"

(a tribe called quest)

lino block prints in progress..

Photos from IndieWalls Exhibition at The Bean

I haven't mentioned it since I first installed back in January, but for those who spend much time in the East Village, I still have selected paintings hanging at The Bean (54 2nd Ave), presented by IndieWalls (peep the artist/venue listing). Show only runs until March 28th, exactly 2 weeks, so don't miss it! Stop by, grab a cup, and relax while looking as diligent as these nice people. until then, a few photos..

13 March 2013

Photos from 2013 Invisible Dog Open Studios

another successful open studios at The Invisible Dog. so happy to be a part of this space, surrounded by so many amazing artists! BIG thank you to everyone who came by last weekend. here are a few pics of my studio from day two.. which is probably obvious judging from the hungover bags under my eyes. :)

11 March 2013

Griot Apparel's Pol Pot on Californication!

Another new episode of Californication, another Griot Apparel t-shirt worn by a main character! One of our first tees from our 2006 debut, Atticus rocks our Pol Pot tee while snorting blow and ripping Hank a new one. Brilliant! :)

(copyright 2013 showtime)

Pol Pot tee available for purchase here!

03 March 2013

As seen on TV: Thelonious Monk on Californication!

okay, i know i said this was supposed to happen a few weeks ago. i'm aware that i blasted an urgent announcement and then.. crickets. but the time has finally arrived! tonight my Thelonious Monk t-shirt was worn all episode by Charlie (Evan Handler) on Showtime's Californication! for real this time! Griot Apparel, as seen on tv! WHUUUT!! this is the first of multiple appearances of griot tees this season, but tonight's episode was a hell of an introduction! check it out and spread the word!

video stills copyright Showtime 2013

Monk tee available for purchase right now at GriotApparel.com.