25 January 2010


bring in 'da noise, bring in 'da funk. my favorite b'way show, tied with my new other favorite b'way show: fela! the musical. GO SEE IT NOW! amazing!

okay. sorry, to switch into somber gears out of nowhere.. but..

like many of us, the devastating earthquake in haiti has haunted me deeply to say the very least. it's been two weeks and i still don't know where to begin, so i will refrain from starting up any downward spiral of a conversation about it, yammering about emotions and politics and all the weight in between. i haven't tackled any outright tragic and/or topical material in a long time, but for this, i felt a very specific urgency to speak to it visually. even if it's just a cry for it, without offering any comfort or solution. what is additionally haunting to me about this piece is how it came to be. if you've followed this blog through the last couple months, maybe you'll recognize the path this canvas taken. it started as a underpainting for a cape town bar scene back in december. then in early january i scratched that, flipped and hit it with some aggressive black oil paint - my intent to make a grim, sharp and steep, choppy and broken abstract scene with shots of color slipping through the cracks. i wasn't sure what my next move would be, if any. a couple days after the earthquake (after entertaining my mom and aunt who were in town for a couple days) i finally returned to the studio, knowing that i had to address this madness. it hit me like a truck, this is it, done! i already made a "cry for haiti" before even knowing what i was making. doesn't get much more haunting than that. added some quiet, dark and graphic imagery into the heavy shadows. different than my usual vibrant fun stuff, but i'm definitely pleased with it. will look better when it's dry and scanned.

in other lighter projects, here's a quick study i'm calling "noise" for lack of a better title:

my new york subway map is through its first phase, more progress to come:

not nearly complete, but i'll call it "white funk" for now..

and i'm still glueing tapes together.. and spray painting them.. mmmmm..

18 January 2010

odd & interesting spots you can see my art nowadays

More shows to come in 2010, no doubt, but here are three different spots you can check out some of my art, live and direct, right now..

The V-Spot
156 Fifth Ave, Park Slope, Brooklyn NY

Brooklyn College Registrar's Office
West Quad Building, Bklyn College
2900 Bedford Ave, Brooklyn NY

Wonderful Good Market @ Stoudt's Brewery
Rt. 272, 2800 N. Reading Road, Adamstown PA

07 January 2010

"foods to taste, sounds to hear, love to feel / seeds to sow, things to know, fish to reel."

("i want more" by faithless)

Welcoming the new year while grappling with my own creativity, expectation, and gratitude. It's easy to get a little down and out during this severely cold streak (combined with not making art for two weeks and hopelessly seeking some steady paying work), but now that I'm back in the studio, life is once again gorgeous. I'm cocked, locked, and loaded with some big fresh canvases I'll be tackling soon. As of today's session, just trying to give some new life to some lost ones from last semester while sparring with some new thoughts and techniques.. Thank you 2009. 2010, lezdoit!