19 April 2010

"she's so heavy"

(the beatles "i want you")

a few things from from last week..

and how my studio looked this weekend..

18 April 2010

a soundtrack of a painting

did this last month as a project for vito. definitely a rough sketch, rubbing 33s at 45 speeds without much rehearsal.. but might refine it and slide it in a mix down the line.

a soundtrack of a painting..

(Download Quicktime)


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04 April 2010

"Can we pretend

That from now on
There is no yesterday
Paint a portrait of tomorrow
With no colors from today

There's a light that shines in your face sometimes
That takes my feeling wraps them around your knee
But there's shadow hiding in your heart sometimes
That makes my feelings turn back in on me"

(bill withers "can we pretend")

i nearly forgot how awesome that song is, felt it worthy of a fast shoutout.. my easter sunday, spent taking interviews/research in the church ave station and a quick shift in the lab..