22 October 2011

Griot Apparel, 2011

Griot Apparel is ending our hiatus and relaunching our so fresh so clean online store and new designs in mid November. Boom, for real. I'm the DJ, he's the rapper. Me and Kev are back! :)

As we prepare to drop, PLEASE follow us on twitter, facebook, and tumblr (different content on each so connect every way you can!).. THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR CONTINUED SUPPORT! We're excited to be back on our grind.




New Website/Online Coming Later This Fall! Stay Tuned!

21 October 2011

"sitting here waiting for you would be like waiting for winter.."

(sade "love is stronger than pride")

lotta projects as of late.. teaching a freshman seminar at brooklyn college, re-launching griot apparel (details coming soon!), gettin' loose in the printmaking lab, working on a new live and dusty mix, seeking/receiving new freelance clients, peddlin' apples at the lincoln center farmers market, p/t office gig, and - of course - still pushing paint at brooklyn artists gym (as demonstrated below). got 99 problems, but being bored ain't one..