13 December 2008


Sorry for the suspense, but once and for all, here are all 10 of the paintings I completed during my residency as well as my exhibition statement. Once again, big thank you to Joe and Michele Richey for giving me this opportunity. Until next time, thanks for the support, enjoy.

"Santos Party House, New York City" oil & acrylic on canvas, 24x36"

"The Spotted Cat, New Orleans" oil & acrylic on canvas, 24x24"

"Drummers at Bembe, Brooklyn" oil & acrylic on canvas, 24x36"

"Roger Sanchez at Vanguard, Los Angeles" oil & acrylic on canvas, 24x36"

"Debonair Social Club, Chicago (take 1)" acrylic on record, 12x12"

"Debonair Social Club, Chicago (take 2)" acrylic on record, 12x12"

"Random Bar, San Francisco (Mission)" acrylic on record, 12x12"

"Red Sky, Philadelphia" acrylic on canvas, 26x34"

"Main Floor Balcony, Crobar, Chicago" oil & acrylic on canvas, 46x51"

"Funky Buddha Lounge, Chicago" oil & acrylic on canvas, 36x53.5"

My current series of paintings focus on the concept of nightlife. Although nightlife as a term is broad and can definite a great range of situations, there are underlining cultural characteristics and intensions to provide plenty of common ground.

What I find fascinating is the instinctual ritual of it all, representing both light-hearted recreation as well as a deeper carnal drive. Those who congregate in such public spaces can encompass a range of motivations – to escape from their daily routine, to celebrate an occasion, to engage with friends, to hunt for a suitable mate, or simply to lose themselves in the aural and visual stimulation the atmosphere provides. Whether the intension is to be energized or sedated, engaged or isolated, what they have in common is the desire to break away from their usual restraint and participate in a more open and attractive shared space. The tension that exists among these participants as well as the environment itself is electric, at times sinister, but almost always seductive. It’s what keeps us coming out every weekend.

The bars and clubs I have chosen to narrate are based upon my experiences both living in New York City as well as traveling to other US cities. Like the individuals expressed in the paintings, the viewer’s perspective can be argued as either engaged with the scene or as an outsider looking in.