27 May 2011

AUTO-REVERSE: Closes this Sunday 5/29!

For those who didn't catch my lil' solo show at Art 101 last month, this weekend is your last chance! Gallery will be open Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, 1-6pm. Visit art101brooklyn.com for more info. Meant to post this sooner, but here's a few quick pics from before and during the opening (which hardly reflect the amount of lovely people in attendance!). huge thank you once again to everyone who came to see the show!

26 May 2011

NAP's 22nd Invitational Salon Exhibition of Small Works

For those in or around Berks county Pennsylvania, I'll have a piece in a group exhibition of small works opening tomorrow! Should you find yourself in charming Kutztown this Friday evening, or anytime between now and mid July, definitely check it out. My thesis and solo gigs are still going strong in Brooklyn and Queens, so I won't make it down for this opening. But have a drink for me!

NAP's 22nd Invitational Salon of Small Works Exhibition
New Arts Program

173 W. Main Street, Kutztown, PA
Friday May 27 to Saturday July 9, 2011

Opening Reception: Friday, May 27th, 6-9pm


25 May 2011

Walter Benjamin's "Outmoded"

Gonna get nerdy one last time..

My final paper of graduate school for mona hadler's art criticism and theory class. Felt like I was running around with a paper bag over my head while working on this thing, but somehow it turned out pretty decent. it's an analysis of benjamin's ideas on obsolescence, dialectical images, profane illumination, surrealism, and hashish. click link for PDF.

email if you're interested in reading Walter Benjamin's "Outmoded"

for more about walter benjamin in general, click here.

07 May 2011

white flag

(Gorillaz feat. Kano, Bashy & The Lebanese National Orchestra for Oriental Arabic Music)

grad art residency winding down - at top speed. it's getting weird.

thesis show prep..

yes, more chrome tapes..

learning my limitations with multi-medium layering (for example, spray paint plus screenprint ink does not equal stable ground for oil-based ink, i have proof)..

as for the mike lewis collaborative piece i started a few seasons ago, i think i've done enough confused damage.. mike, what's next?

03 May 2011

MEMORY PALACE: Brooklyn College MFA Thesis Exhibition

can't believe the end of graduate school is so near! please please please support me and my talented friends for our thesis exhibition!!

Brooklyn College MFA Thesis Exhibition 2011


Art by
Linda Bernal, Julia Cocuzza, Gregory Hayes, Megan Hays, Michele Liebler, Hector Madera-Gonzalez, Allison Merz, Madison Omahne, Ivan Rivera, Nooshin Rostami, Natalie Taylor, & Boris Torres

Curated by
Adam Thompson

Opening Reception: Friday May 20th, 6-10pm
RSVP via Facebook

May 20-June 5, 2011
Open Daily 1-6pm

Flux Factory

39-31 29th Street
Long Island City, Queens, New York

Exhibition Statement (by Adam Thompson):

The ‘memory palace’ is an ancient memorization technique, one which exploits the fact that our visual/spatial memory far outperforms our verbal and numerical memory. To memorize a long text or string of numbers, you can use a remembered architectural space (like a childhood home) as a mental storehouse for the new information. You can transform each to-be-remembered item into a dramatic, eccentric, unforgettable image, mentally insert these images into specific locations within the remembered space, and later ‘find’ it right where you left it.

This show resembles a memory palace, in that it is idiosyncratic rather than unified, and endeavors to make a virtue of this heterogeneity. The differences between images, experiences, personalities are what make them visible, meaningful, and memorable. We can’t help but categorize artworks, but when we do we inevitably obscure what most compels us about them. It is particularity--not generality--that arrests our attention.

The idiosyncrasy of visual expression renders art a perpetually uneasy collaborator with academe, since schools necessarily prioritize rational, categorical thought. But the title of this exhibition provides an analogy for how this collaboration can function productively; the memory palace technique requires both wildly varied imagery and a framework to anchor and link that imagery. In an MFA program, the school supplies the quantitative structures that order the experience--the space, the time, the schedules, the deadlines--and the students furnish the bureaucratic boxes with color, with strangeness, with life.

When the palace fragments, when the menagerie vanishes and the walls of the studios are once again whitewashed clean, these sundry art practices will likely find themselves in more isolated rooms. But while at Brooklyn College, this group of artists built a home from their differences, a place to which they can always return in their mind's eye.


02 May 2011

Global Art Projects: International Artists At Home & Abroad Series (SoHo)

I'll be one of 25 participating artists in this group show in soho.. If you're around and about, come check it out..

Global Art Projects
The International Artists at Home & Abroad Exhibition Series

Curated by Abraham Lubelski
Broadway Gallery NYC
473 Broadway, 7th Floor, SoHo
May 8-29, 2011

Opening Reception: Thursday May 12th, 6-8pm


"Art Starts the Conversation Exhibition" @ Bklyn College

Sort of last minute, but if you find yourself on the Brooklyn College campus tonight, come check out this exhibition featuring political and environmental themed artwork by BC students. I'll have one painting on display..

Presented by BC Progress Push (NYPIRG)
Art Starts The Conversation
Monday May 2, 2010

State Lounge, 5th Floor
Brooklyn College Student Center (SUBO)
East 27th St & Campus Road
2/5 to Flatbush Ave

RSVP via Facebook

This is a gallery that will display the work of students depicting the conditions we live in. All pieces will be featured in the lobby of the Library until the Fall Semester and two peices will be chosen as the figurehead of either the Environmental Campaign or the Straphangers Campaign of BC NYPIRG.

We will have LIVE entertainment including a performance by Brooklyn College's Tae Kwon Do club (6:45)!! Light refreshments will be served.