28 November 2011

now open: GRIOT APPAREL Shop (Version 1.0)

We are very pleased to present the 2011 online shop for GRIOT APPAREL!

As an introductory thank you to all our supporters, we are offering $5 off our usual prices from now until 12/9. Shirts purchased by then will ship by 12/19. Check out our first set of releases for the season. All are designed by yours truly, except for the putin, designed by the man, the myth, Nick DeSantis...

Thelonious Monk (on gray)

Nina Simone (on green)

Fela Kuti (on brown)

Vladimir Putin (on black)

- - -

if you're not ready to purchase yet - or waiting on women's cuts and future releases - please show your support via social networking!




06 November 2011

"time is a master, time can be a disaster WAAOW!"

(dub side of the moon "time" by easy star all-stars)

this weekend gave way to some rooftop spray painting. finally made something of my first firework experiment back in june. all in all, i'm happy with the results, both this 4 panel "in the black/in the red" take and the smokey cityscape..

finally took control over this rickety runaway train of a painting.. when in doubt, white that 'ish out..