22 March 2009

"Before you strut your stuff for the net to see, lackin' human interaction's a bad recipe"

("digital dirt" by zion i & grouch)

So after a bit of a hiatus, I've decided to return to this blog and give it the attention it deserves. I started this initially just to document last fall's artist residency via Prairie Center of the Arts in Peoria, Illinois. However the more blogs I recreationally blaze through, the more potential I see for my own projects to prosper from such web play. Anyway, I changed the name to "Lackin' Human Interaction" because that's kind of what a blog or facebook or any obsessive online commitment ultimately enables: absence of physical human interaction. In the same method, though, an artist - particularly visual artists who produce their work solo - embraces a certain loneliness for a wider notion of communication and connection by way of their art. Blogs and art, though based upon life experience, are produced privately. Thus, lackin' human interaction. Boom. The quest for balance continues, as I solitarily plug away at the grind and hit the social scene with tightly-wound vigor at every opportunity.

As I'm sitting on a cornflake, waiting for word on a couple remaining graduate school applications and some random juried shows, I'm rubbing out a few random paintings here and there. It hasn't been easy to paint in my wee bk apt with a full-time job, particularly after the excess of time and space I had during the residency, but I'm doing what I can do when I can do it. What else is there do? Basically just running through some old ideas I had stashed as a means to clear my head and break through into the next set of ideas. Nothing major, but here's two fast but very different paintings completed recently.

St Louis Cathedral, New Orleans, 12x12"

Untitled (Written on the Palm of My Left Hand), 28x22"

More ideas on the brink, can't wait. For those who want to see some of my art live and direct, I'm involved with two shows right now at the goggleworks in Reading, PA. Details on my website: juliacocuzza.com