28 June 2011

"you are the circus, i am the freak"

(lovage: book of the month)

my brooklyn college residency is officially over :(

so while in between studio spaces (and while in a state with lighter restrictions on explosive materials) i've finally indulged my desire to physically collide two life-long passions:

1. making art on canvas
2. fireworks

can't decide if this is totally juvenile or totally genius. all i know is i'm excited! special thanks to my partner in crime, steven b cold. some raw footage..

and the result of this first attempt..

07 June 2011

MEMORY PALACE (revisited)

since we're de-installing our thesis exhibition this week, i'd like to do an official recap. before you read another word, you should first download our beautiful exhibition catalog!! PDF includes exhibition statement by Adam Thompson as well as selected works and artist statements of everyone included.

below are photos of all the work included in Memory Palace. much love and props to all my amazing friends in the program. the way everyone's work as developed has been a real treat to witness and there's a tremendous future ahead for all of us.

please check out the work of the entire Brooklyn College Art MFA Class of 2011:

Linda Bernal

Julia Cocuzza

Gregory Hayes

Megan Hays

Michele Liebler

Hector Madera-Gonzalez

Allison Merz

Madison Omahne

Ivan Rivera

Nooshin Rostami

Natalie Taylor

Boris Torres

a few final shots of our salon-style entrance way..

and lastly, some quick details of each painting of mine included..

Thought Bubble/Vacuum: "Too Much, Too Many People, Too Much"

Untitled (Chrome Cassette Wall, Fade Up)
Cassette 1 & 2 (Eyes Closed in the Sun)

Johannesburg Skyline (on wax 1)

Untitled (Blue Cassette Stencil)

Johannesburg (B&W Collage)

Dancefloor at Zanzu, Pretoria, South Africa (silkscreen)

Slums & Sky of Cape Town

South African Tree 2

Agression & Sexual Selection

Q-Tip (Rappers of 1990 Series)

Brooklyn: We Go Hard

06 June 2011

"no idea's original, there's nothing new under the sun, it's never what you do but how it's done"


trying to tie up some loose ends before i'm booted out my bomb studio later this month. just to catch up, a few shots of what led up to my thesis show piece..

and, until i finish the unfinished paintings from the semester, some new apparel for gifts, products, and otherwise..

04 June 2011

MEMORY PALACE: Closes this Sunday 6/5!

this weekend's your last chance to catch the incredible Brooklyn College MFA class of 2011 thesis exhibition! the opening was AMAZING!! below are just a few quick shots of the reception.. the work looked amazing, the crowd was fantastic, the vibe was some kind of wonderful. more shots of my work and work of all the participating artists coming soon!

Visit MemoryPalace2011.com for more!!