26 February 2013



The third annual exhibition of all 35 Invisible Dog artists-in-residence and open studios! Only once a year does The Invisible Dog open its artists' studios to the public. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to see what me and my fellow ID residents have spent the year working on. Not to mention, it's a really fun event and totally free! A total of 3 exhibitions will be opening that night at ID, plus Recession Art's grand opening next door. It'll be a great night to be in the neighborhood! All are welcome!

Open Studios (2nd & 3rd floors):

WorkSpace Exhibition Opening (3rd floor):
SATURDAY MARCH 9TH, 6-10PM (3rd floor)

Douglas Adesko, Vanessa Belli, Juan Alfaro, Bina Altera, Julia Cocuzza, Sathya Balakumar, Rachel Barrett, Gabe Benzur, Malcolm Brown, Chong Gon Byun, Dean Dalfonzo, Andre da Loba, Dillon DeWaters, Aaron Freed, Maria Gracia Donoso, Nemo Hoffman, Nancy Hubbard, Oliver Jeffers, Kiya Kim, Anna Levikova, Giles Lyon, Anne Mourier, Joanna Neborsky, Prune Nourry, Mac Premo, Claudia Paneca, Sarah Palmer, Xavier Roux, Aaron Ruff, Ian Trask, & Susan Weinthaler.

Exhibition Curated by Whitney V. Hunter & Simon Courchel

The Invisible Dog
51 Bergen Street (between Smith & Court), Brooklyn
(F/G to Bergen St)

This exhibition and artist open studios are part of Armory Arts Week.

(we're the first recommended event for "Brooklyn Night" on Saturday!)

25 February 2013

"half time"

(amy winehouse)

my kind boyfriend has given me access to his backyard for when i need to do extensive spray painting. ♥

this is just a first quick test run from last weekend, but i have some much larger and further layered cassette stencil works queued up.. coming very soon..

12 February 2013

first step on the moon

(adrian younge)

i haven't posted much from my studio lately. i suppose one good excuse would be how tied up i've been recently with some proposal deadlines (a potential two-person show with my dude mike lewis and a public art RFP for the City of New York). and, of course, i continue to keep it classy with my squeegee pushing for griot:

but alas, my studio practice! yeah, it's starting to get good to me again. :)

after a brief and impromptu studio visit by my main man mike curato a week ago, it occurred to me that this painting needed.. uh.. more paint? but it wasn't his suggestion, we didn't even talk about the piece at all. just having another person in the room with it made it feel naked, just incomplete enough to make me bashful. or maybe i felt bashful because it's a really vulnerable piece. a precarious, disoriented, displaced depiction, created in the wake of a precarious, disoriented, displaced period of my personal life. maybe a strange departure in subject matter and pallet as well. eh, whatever. i gave it some more paint and now i don't feel so naked. oil, acrylic, and spray paint on canvas:

the next piece was perhaps even more of a burden - an overworked canvas i've schelped unresolved from one studio to the next, covered in experimental layers, hoping my multiple bad choices would eventually cancel each other out. well, last time i posted this piece it was still a busy and uncommitted mess, but as of today i think i finally resolved it, once and for all. it has both the beauty and the turbulence i was aiming for. one of many paintings of Reading's landscape i plan to execute. oil, oil stick, and metallic acrylic on canvas:

and, lastly, another abandoned experimental canvas i once deemed a failure, finally i reclaimed into something halfway respectable. based on the same drawing as the previous Reading landscape, with a cassette tape ghost floating in the background (go figure). acrylic ink, oil-based ink, and oil on canvas:

come see these works and others march 9th and 10th at the invisible dog artists' open studios and "work/space" group exhibition. details coming soon!

05 February 2013

Paintings at UU Berks

I currently have paintings hanging in the front gallery of the UU in downtown Reading. I'm personally not much of a church goer, but i do like how this place operates. Always interesting programming and very welcoming to anyone and everyone. Those in the area, stop by sometime or check their website for more info.

First Unitarian Universalist Church of Berks County
416 Franklin Street
Reading, PA 19602