12 December 2009

rituals & artifacts

although final reviews for the semester were yesterday, i'm still plugging away at a few final pieces for 2009. the holiday will be a welcomed break, but i'm already excited for next semester..


3 sentence artist statement for Brooklyn College first semester reviews:

My recent work focuses primarily on the rituals and artifacts of music, particularly within the scope of city life. With affection and optimism, I celebrate the depth, rhythm, and aggression of urban culture. Through vibrant narratives of nightlife and nostalgic salvaging of obsolete media objects, I aim to invoke the viewer’s own experiences and motives in such suspended moments in time.

04 December 2009

sharp sharp

two weeks in south africa. i don't know where to begin, so i'll save that for another day completely. no time to waste, back in the studio..

and this sunday, check me out in a creative educational capacity (that doesn't involve painting) THIS SUNDAY @ Marion Spore Gallery, Brooklyn

15 November 2009

game time

just wanted to wrap things up accordingly before i dip out of t for a bit. here's the last couple pieces pre open studio..

and here's a quick glimpse of what my studio looked like for open studio. more pictures of fellow MFA students coming soon..