16 October 2012

President Barack Obama (black & blue)

tonight felt like right night to release this. my Barack Obama design for Griot Apparel. Available in black and blue.

barack hussein obama ii (1961 - ) is the 44th man to be president of the united states of america, and the first person of color--not counting one catholic--to hold that office. he is also the third sitting u.s. president to be awarded the nobel peace prize and the fourth to be regularly accused of being an atheist. he was previously a community organizer, an author, a state and u.s. senator from illinois and a professor of constitutional law at the university of chicago.

he grew up in hawaii and indonesia, studied international relations at columbia, and received his law degree from harvard, where he was president of the law review. he came of age in the 80s in new york, boston and chicago. he forewent the lure of corporate law to build a career in education and serving the underprivileged. he has been unable to keep many of the major principled promises of his first campaign, such as closing the extra-legal detention center in guantanamo bay, holding practitioners of financial malfeasance accountable, or uniting a politically divided country.

he did, however, end "don't ask, don't tell", pass universal health care, avert the worst effects of the most devastating financial crisis since the great depression, and have osama bin laden killed.

07 October 2012

photos from GO open studios

i'm pretty late posting these, but here are a few pics of my studio during brooklyn museum's "GO" open studios project last month. thank you everyone who stopped by, it was an exceptional experience, with tons of truly interested and engaged visitors. congratulations to fellow Invisible Dog artists Oliver Jeffers and Prune Nourry for being among of the ten nominated artists! whut!!