14 February 2012

Upcoming Open Studios & Group Exhibition @ The Invisible Dog: Work/Space 2012

Very excited about my participation in the upcoming open studios and group exhibition at the invisible dog! this event only happens once a year, please come check it out!


Work/Space 2012, the 2nd installment of the annual 32 in-house artist group exhibition and open studios event. Curated by Whitney V. Hunter, Work/Space 2012 will introduce the public to the new artists of the Invisible Dog Art Center as well as exhibit new works by the center’s returning artists. Over weekend long event, the public will have the unique opportunity to visit and meet with the in-house artists in their studios. Work/Space 2012 will showcase a broad range of work from the classical to the contemporary, fine art to design by these Brooklyn-based artists’ who are bound together by the physical space they share at The Invisible Dog Art Center.

Featured Artists : Douglas Adesko, Juan Alfaro, Dean Alfonzo, Bina Altera, Rachel Barrett, Vanessa Belli, Gabriel Benzur, Malcolm Brown, Liz Burow, Chong Gon Byun, Julia Cocuzza, Andre Da Loba, Dillon Dewaters, Maria Gracia Donoso, Pascale Gueracague, Nancy Hubbard, Whitney V. Hunter, Nemo Hoffman, Oliver Jeffers, Kiya Kim, Anna Levikova, Gilles Lyon, Anne Mourier, Joanna Neborsky, Prune Nourry, Sarah Palmer, Claudia Paneca, Mac Premo, Xavier Roux, Aaron Ruff, Anita Sto, Susan Weinthaler

Open Studios:
Saturday March 10th, 1-10pm & Sunday March 11th, 1-6pm

Work/Space Opening Reception:
Saturday March 10th, 6-10pm


Building Steam with a Grain of Salt

(dj shadow)

finally half way settled into the invisible dog. trying to fix some old stuff before moving onto some new stuff. gently building up some steam..

06 February 2012

brand new funk

"it's new, it's out of the ordinary, it's rather extraordinary, so yo bust this commentary.."

okay, much as occurred in the past month. i moved into a new apt - which has a way of bringing all other interests, activities, and responsibilities to a screeching halt. more relevant to this blog, though, is the upheaval in my art-production life. as of feb 1, i am officially a new resident of the amazing and gigantic art space known as THE INVISIBLE DOG ART CENTER in Boerum Hill, Brooklyn. although i'm sharing a small corner of this creative complex, i'm VERY excited to have my own stitch of land and get back to my passion for paint pushing. check out their website and see what it's about. there will be an open studios in march, so stay tuned for details on that..

another new thing that i'm mighty excited about.. i've been accepted into the small and highly selective mural training program at the legendary City of Philadelphia Mural Arts Program! i've been dying to get down with this organization for over a decade. finally i'm getting a foot in not just their door, but the public art sector as a whole. the six week program will be a hell of a commute, but i can't wait to get started. learn more about the illest public art organization in the northeast and beyond..

more details on both these projects coming soon!