13 February 2011

Love & Acid Reflux

hmm, maybe that should be the title of my made-for-tv biography: "Love & Acid Reflux: The Julia Cocuzza Story."

lately i've been polishing off some small pesky ideas to make way for some big sexy ones. my "heart in a cup" lino prints are finally complete. some technical difficulties but still turned out decent.

with the left over ink and scraps of bristol board, i made these bad boys right quick. it's honestly a coincidence that i made something resembling valentines around valentines day. never been a huge fan of the holiday, usually too much pressure regardless of which team i'm playing for. but, whatev, they're kinda boring but maybe i can give one to my grammy or sell them cheap on etsy..

and my personal struggle with acid reflux continues. on canvas. not my prettiest work, but it kinda sorta gets the point across. first one's finished, second maybe, third definitely not..

and, you know, other stuff..