28 April 2009

"Track after track, culminating on wax / the tape has slack, rewind then back..."

("i need a beat" by ll cool j)

Art on Record mass group show opens THIS FRIDAY...

APW Gallery
48-18 Van Dam St.
Long Island City, Queens NY
Opening Reception: Friday, May 1st, 6-9pm

7 train to 33rd St & Rawson
2 short blocks west on Queens Blvd
2 long blocks south on Van Dam

25 April 2009

"The contained center of an 'O', the pyramidic containment of an 'A'..."

("release" by blackalicious/saul williams)

Beautiful afternoon in Brooklyn today spent indoors painting. No regrets. This Obama portrait is LONG overdue. Two takes of one drawing. Might work well for a future Griot design. One of these will be featured in the Art on Record show in Queens I have coming up next week, stay tuned!

21 April 2009

Making Art My Business

Strangled by the grind and some good ol' fashion god-fearin' financial anxiety, I haven't produced any new paintings this week. I do, however, have a couple shows I'm involved with coming 'round the bend. The first is THIS SUNDAY April 26th, one night stand. So Live! Arts is putting together a showcase of artist speakers, live performances, and an art exhibition (where one of my pieces will be featured). 6pm @ Pratt Institute's NoName Cafe Gallery (215 Willoughby Ave, Bklyn). Plenty of chill, inspiring people to meet. Great for any creative mind trying to gain some business ground or just looking to absorb some artists at work. All are welcome.

Also to come is another blanket of a group show, this time 200 artists deep. APW Gallery's "Art on Record" opens Friday, May 1st in their massive art space in L.I.C., Queens. I'll post more details soon, but in the meantime check out apwarts.com for more info.

09 April 2009

Melodious Thunk

Another fast take on the previous T Monk painting. I might like the first one better, but I think this one's pretty cool too. Via my girl Chiara (who found crate upon crate of lost electronia outside her apt on graham ave), I've got a gang of plates I can blaze through, so forgive me if I get redundant over here. Just working it out, trying to get fit and whatnot. This among a couple other vinyl pieces will be switched into my current show at the Goggleworks this weekend. Scope it out.

"T Monk (on wax, take 2)" - acrylic on record

About to dip back to the hometown for a short stunt, but will come correct on the up swing.

05 April 2009

Man Dies & Jazz Reprise

I recently took out Henry Dryfuss' Symbol Sourcebook from Pratt's library. I first heard of this resource while reading about Basquiat and his use of Hobo and folklore symbols in his paintings. Finally I got my act together and explored this piece, which I would recommend to any visual artist of any sort. Unfortunately it was due back at the library before I really wrapped my head around it all - it's a lot - but it's definitely interesting stuff and wanted to experiment a little with it. I did 3 takes of the folklore symbol of "Man Dies." The first piece was a canvas i've been adding to randomly for many months but I think it's arrived to something at least worth its weight in materials. Not sure if the second is complete either, but I figured it's best to just throw them all into the wind equally. I plan on running through "studies" of a few random symbols ("procreation" below) but eventually use them more subtly in future works.

"Man Fights, Man Dies (take 1, blue)" - acrylic on canvas

"Man Dies (take 2, red)" - acrylic, oil, graphite on canvas

"Man Dies (take 3, on wax)" - acrylic and marker on record

I'm also working on some new portrait pieces on wax for the shows I'm involved with this spring (Art on Record show @ APW Gallery in Queens opening in May, current exhibition at Goggleworks in Reading lasting through May). Some might call it rehashing - but reprise is a little more poetic. Really I just see doing several takes of the same drawing as giving the idea longer legs, letting it run its course. Here's a fresh take on an old T Monk painting (and new Griot Apparel design, coming very soon):

"T Monk (on wax, take 1)" - acrylic on record

And since I'm screwing around doing folklore symbols and jazz paintings in the same sitting, it only makes sense something odd would be blended:

"(Jazz) Procreation" - acrylic on canvas